10 Home Automation Benefits You Should Know


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Home automation refers to the usage and control of various devices and appliances around the home through modern technology. The way people live today has drastically changed from a couple of decades ago when the internet was just being introduced to our homes.

It now seems unimaginable to be living without it. From the early days of dial-up internet we now have the ability to communicate so much faster and easier through super-fast broadband, wifi, 4G and Bluetooth. It seems like there is no stop to the advances in data communication and with this the opportunities to connect our devices together and control them remotely.

Of course, with these improvements in data communication there also needs to be an advance in devices and appliances that are physically able to talk to each other and communicate with a central hub or application. Luckily this is now possible and there are many options on the market dependent on how advanced you want to get with your system.

It has never been easier to take simple steps to start automating aspects of your home – be that lighting, security, entertainment, kitchen appliances or even something more comprehensive. Here we discuss 10 home automation benefits you can realize by implementing this technology.


1. You Can Keep Your Home Safe Through Remote Appliance and Lighting Control.

One of the main benefits of home automation is that it can give your home and family increased security. For example, you can control various appliances and lighting fixtures in your home without having to physically be near them; you can even manipulate them when you’re not at home! This is possible with the help of your mobile devices.

You can take control of lighting in your home so that you can turn your lights off remotely in order to save electricity – perhaps in case you unintentionally left these switched on before leaving the house. You can also turn these on at specific times so that it appears to prying eyes that someone is inside, thus reducing the possibility of burglary when you are not at home.


2. It Affords You A Better All Round View of Your Property for Greater Security.

With the active lifestyle that most people live today, you cannot be everywhere at once. This means that you often have no idea of what is happening in or around your home. Fortunately, you can easily see what is happening with the help of a home security system.

You can ensure that no unwelcome guests can set foot on your property without you or your family’s knowledge. Security cameras can increase the level of security in your home by recording clips at specific times of the day or night.


3. You No Longer Have to Worry About Unlocked Doors.

Another great benefit of this technology is that it allows you to lock doors using a cell phone or other mobile device. This is for those moments that you have already left for work and just realized that you forgot to lock the front door. With burglary continuing to be a problem even in communities that are supposedly 100% crime-free, it is important that you keep your doors locked when you are out.


4. You Can Achieve Greater Temperature Control By Adjusting the Thermostat Remotely.

Often, people forget to adjust the thermostat when they leave their homes. As a result, when you arrive home after a long day at the office or running errands with the kids, you step into a house that is too hot or too cold. Worse, it usually takes time for the temperature to achieve the appropriate level after the thermostat has been adjusted.

With the help of a wi-fi thermostat, you are able to control the thermostat wherever you are. This can help you conserve energy while making sure you come home to the perfect temperature.


5. It Can Save You Money.

One of the great benefits of a smart home is that you are able to enjoy reduced monthly utility expenses. For instance, you won’t be consuming as much electricity since remote access allows you to make sure your household appliances won’t be left switched on while you are away.


6. It Gives Greater Peace of Mind.

There will always be people who constantly worry about things. Some people habitually worry about whether or not they have left the iron on or turned off the tumble dryer. By investing in an all-in-one home security device you remove this worry, particularly if you know you are going to be away from the house for some time. It is comforting to know you can take care of things at home without physically being there.


7. You Are In Full Control of Access to Your Property Wherever You Are.

Oftentimes, people hand their house keys over to a neighbor when they go on vacation. This allows the neighbor to temporarily do the household chores in behalf of the owners while they are away. In that way, they can help out in things such as watering the plants, checking any mail, and taking care of the dog.

By installing a smart lock you retain a bit more control than is otherwise possible when simply handing over the keys to your neighbor. You can easily set up a specific time for your neighbor to enter your home through your mobile devices. This also gives you peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about the possibility of your neighbor misplacing the keys or having unrestricted access to your personal belongings.


8. You Can Properly Keep Tabs on Your Children and Pets.

With the help of this technology, you are able to monitor your children and pets by monitoring their activities at home while you are away. You can see who is coming in and out of your home, which can help you further ensure the safety of your children short of actually being there. You can also let your pets go out to play in the yard and let them inside the house afterwards.


9. You Can Help Avoid Accidents.

In addition to running up a huge electric bill, household appliances that have been left switched on with no one around to turn them off can pose a potential fire hazard. With home automation, you can check which appliances are left on and then turn them off with just a few taps on your mobile device.


10. You Help Preserve the Environment.

Limiting your electrical consumption by switching off household appliances that are not in use can help reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Less electricity consumed means less strain on power plants. Imagine if several households adopted this practice; there’d be even fewer carbon emissions that could destroy the air we breathe and our other natural resources.

With home automation, you also take “going green” a step further. Being able to switch off your appliances instantaneously from wherever you are means you don’t have to travel all the way home just to see if everything is left as it should be. This translates into an even smaller carbon footprint due to the reduced reliance on motor vehicles (whether your own car or public transport).


We hope this article has been useful in helping you understand some of the benefits of automating your home. Obviously there are more benefits than this and depending on how simple or complex a system you want there are many ways to get started.


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