Best Home Surveillance Systems on the Market

Best Home Surveillance Systems on the Market

Have you ever thought about setting up a surveillance system in your home? Do you know the importance of a surveillance system in your home? If yes, then you are on your way to improving not only your own security but that of your whole family.

Putting in place a surveillance system means you are always aware of what is happening in and around your home and you exercise the power to decide what happens there.

While it is easy to just select a surveillance system by just going to your offline store, it is much easier to order online. If you decide to order online, you will have access to more options and you can read substantial reviews about each product before you buy. In this write up, we have gathered three of the best home surveillance systems on the market to give you an avenue for easy comparison.

Amcrest 960H Video Security System

The Amcrest 960H video security system comes with 4 high-resolution cameras and these cameras can view and record in widescreen. In addition, 500GB Hard Drive is pre-installed on the cameras. Furthermore, you can make use of a motion sensor or lower resolution setting will prolong the recording time.


  • This package includes 4 high-resolution cameras. These are heavy duty cameras, designed to be weatherproof and provide you will clear, high-quality videos during the day and at night. Each of them can view and record video in widescreen, transferable directly to your smartphone. After the installing the accompanying application on your phone, you can access the remote viewing option from your phone.
  • With a 500GB pre-installed Hard Drive, you can enjoy remote viewing and video surveillance from your phone for 6 days. If you think the Hard Drive capacity is not enough, you can extend it up to 3 TB and that means several weeks of continuous recording.
  • The recording time can last up to one month if you use it with a motion sensor. You can enjoy the same benefit if you turn it to a lower resolution. If you decide to go with last option, the quality of the video might be affected.


With this unit, you don’t have to worry about loss of data. Instead, you will have peace of mind with the USB backup feature because it allows you to keep all the videos recorded in a safe location for easy retrieval in the future.

Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HD Surveillance System

The Vimtag (Fujikam) 361 HD surveillance system can be used for variety of purposes such as security, pet monitoring, etc. You can receive remote video streaming to your smartphone through the application that comes with the device.

In addition, the installation is simple and does not take too much of your time. It is manufactured from strong and heavy rubber based material and has reliable Wi-Fi connection capacity.


  • Enjoy all in one benefit – you can monitor your business while at home, monitor your pets and children while you are away, monitor activities in and around your home while you are on vacation and upgrade your security all with one package.
  • Receive an alert to your smartphone while you are away. Once the app has been installed on your smartphone, you can access remote video streaming and also receive alerts if anything unusual happens around the home while you are away.
  • It also comes with motion detection. It learns your movement patterns and reports activities that are uncommon. However, you can only enjoy this feature while you are away from home. When you are at home, this feature is disabled and only video recording is done.


  • It does not have cloud-recording features.


Overall, the Vimtag 361 HD surveillance system is nice equipment for enhancing your security and comfort. It comes with all the necessary features that will make these benefits accessible to you.

Annke 8CH 960H Weatherproof Surveillance Camera

This unit is a high-resolution camera with night vision capability. It has a high definition video recording and QR code scanning for easy and quick remote access and supports motion detection and will send mail or text message to alert you of any suspicious activity.

It can be set up in a few minutes and comes with user manual, USB mouse, remote control, and a whole lot of accessories for easy installation and usage. In addition, it is backed by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • The quality of construction of this unit is great. It is manufactured from heavy-duty metal so that it can give you many service years regardless of how bad the weather is at any particular year. While the body is built from a metal shell, it is additionally protected from a tough non-metal hood so that your camera can be protected from dirt, debris, rain and the likes.
  • It has a simple set up procedure. It comes with a comprehensive guide that will help you through most of the steps to complete your installation.
  • Not only is it easy to set up but also easy to configure. Once you get the hang of it, you can have a control hub where you can see everything going on around your home. This is mostly handy for a beginner.


  • Most of the reviewers of this product complained that the instructions from the manual are not clear enough to help in setting up the device.


It is relatively easy to configure the Annke 8CH video surveillance system to detect motion. You can specify particular zones and adjust its sensitivity so that you can get accurate results – this is also important as your pet or small children can set it off if you don’t set specific areas to monitor.


Amcrest 8CH 960H Weatherproof Surveillance Camera has powerful IR-LED lights for night vision. This means that you can enjoy as the same performance during the day and at night. Furthermore, it is usable in any kind of weather as it is designed from IP66 heavy-duty metal. This construction allows it to resist rust during cold and snowy weather.

If you are looking for a simple to use surveillance system with plug and play installation and wireless capability, we recommend the Vimtag 361 HD security camera. It has high resolution with clear, high quality video streaming to give you the best experience.

If you are looking for a good home security system that is not too expensive or complicated to handle, we recommend the Annke 8CH 960H security camera. You don’t have to pay ridiculous monthly fees to enjoy your favorite security features.

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