Home Automation Ideas for the Convenient Lifestyle and a Peaceful Home

Home Automation Ideas for the Convenient Lifestyle and a Peaceful Home

Why do you want to know about home automation ideas? How can you benefit from implementing various home automation ideas? While the answers to these questions can be diverse, there is central answers that are always consistent and it borders around saving time and energy as well as increasing efficiency.

In the world that we live in now, there are just too much activities tampering with our precious time. And the continuous improvement in technology seeks to reduce these activities by providing us with amazing and sophisticated systems from vehicle, cloud storage, fast internet connection, home automation systems, etc.

It is our duty to accept these gifts and make good use of them. When these technological items were first introduced, they use to be items sold solely to the elites. But nowadays, everybody have access to them and with the right kind of information, we can all enjoy the amazing features of these things.

In this article, we are going to talk about home automation ideas and how they can increase your efficiency and speed of completing different activities simultaneously. These home automation ideas will border on simple projects that you can implement even with a restricted budget.

Automation ideas are broadly classified into security, lighting, HVAC, and outdoor sprinkler systems. While our ideas will border on these categories, we will treat other things that are related as important for a complete home automation.

Smart Auto-Light

This is the easiest automation idea to implement because it requires less effort on your part. There are many systems that are designed to control the lighting in a whole apartment and their setup is usually easy and simple. Once they are set up, you can set your house lighting to turn off or on at predetermined periods.

The benefit of using a lighting system in your home is because it brings about efficiency and savings. Unlike traditional lighting, you can schedule time off/on of all lighting in your home at specific periods, for instance, at night just before you go to bed let the lighting go off and very early in the morning let the lighting come on.

Another benefit is that it could serve as a boost in security for your home. Now that you have a well-lit lighting structure in your home, criminals might tend to avoid your home.

There are some systems with wireless bulbs that have the capacity to connect to your home network. They come with an application you can install on your phone to control them through Bluetooth. What you need to do is just replace traditional bulbs with these wireless bulbs.

Although getting fully automated home lighting systems can be expensive, you can choose to use standalone devices that you can control through your phones app – and these are inexpensive.

Energy Savings

One of the easiest ways to reducing your consumption of energy is the usage of thermostats. Thermostats are a great way of saving energy and they become an important feature in your home automation projects. They are basically devices that give you a central access to control all electrical appliances in every room and everywhere around your home with the press of a button.

Most modern thermostats are wireless and they are usually accompanied by an app that you can install on your phone and carry out remote modifications using your smartphone.

They can be used to schedule lighting on/off at different parts of the day. When you are out, you can schedule all lighting in your apartment to go off and automatically come on when you return.

Another feature is you can reduce your energy consumption by using motorized blinds to control outside light and heat. This can be used to control the light or heat that comes through your windows which either minimizes or enhances it. You can also use motion sensors to automatically turn off lighting and ultimately save energy.

Home Security

There are now many devices that you can install in your home to beef up your security. There are now motion sensors that you can install on your windows and door. These sensors can automatically send alerts to your cellphone through network connectivity when anything goes wrong.

You can also get reminders on adjustments you have made previously. Once you receive any such alerts, you can quickly report it to local police or have your community take action.

Child and Pet Monitoring

Wireless cameras are now prevalent on the market and they offer a big help in monitoring your child or pet especially when you are away from home. They can act as a nice system that will alert you when you children come back from school, make sure they are reading in their room, and even keep tabs on your pet when you are not at home.

There are even some cameras that allow you to help your pet get a treat. If you have a pet that has separation anxiety, you can buy a wireless camera with video and audio capability. This will allow you to speak to your pet, watch what it is currently doing and then send it a treat at certain times.


Executing these home automation ideas can bring a lot of comfort and convenience to your life. Setting up automation systems that provides enough security and other features won’t cost you a lot of dollars. With just a small budget, you can get a nice automation system in your home that will control lighting, provide security features, monitor activities in and around your home with remote accessibility.

However, you have to be careful about the cost of setting up these units. While it is affordable to have these systems up, it could be very expensive to set up fully automated systems that could run into thousands of dollars. So if you are just starting, stick with the bear minimum like standby cameras, simple motion sensors and other simple devices that will cost you little.

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